Me & My Dog – Chasing Rabbits

How the fields and nature surrounding our home in Yorkshire have changed following my last article.

As I walked with Willow, our nine month old Labrador across the fields, I was struck by the change of scenery. Gone is the chill of winter, replaced with the beauty and bounce of Spring. Everywhere I looked the green shoots of growth were flourishing. Fields in December, once barren and devoid of life, a by-product of the harshness of winter, are awash with crops and the tranquil colours of Daffodils and Snowdrops bathed in Spring sun.

And so it is, nature is beginning to re-awaken as we move towards the warmth and glow of Summer. Not only is nature re-emerging but so it seems is UK society, in part due to the scientific and medical communities. The determination and dedication of the UK scientific and medical community is nothing less than miraculous. I for one am extremely proud and grateful to those incredible people. Sadly, a brief reflection into history reminds us of the impact of the Spanish Flu virus. Without the devotion and creativity of all those involved in the fight against Covid-19, one shudders to think where society might be today without vaccines.

Whilst capable of filing our lives with such beauty, so it seems nature can also remind us of the fragility of life. This fact was brought home to me on Saturday as Willow and I strolled along footpaths surrounding the fields. Just as the crops and fauna are starting to re-appear it seems other forms of nature are also taking their signal and re-emerging following the winter hibernation. Birds are whistling and chirping once more further enhancing the atmosphere of Spring, and much to Willow’s delight rabbits are again reappearing in the fields.

As we meandered along our route my attention was in an instant captured by movement approximately one hundred metres in front of me. With the sun blinding my eyes it was difficult to determine exactly what caused the movement. My initial thought was perhaps a bird settling on the ground post flight. Intrigued by this movement I raised my hand above my forehead to block out the light. My brow now-shaded, I was once again able to cast my gaze and determine the source of my distraction. At this point I realised to my delight that the movement was not a bird but a grey rabbit.

The rabbit with its huge ears and keen sense of sound had heard myself and Willow long before I saw it. The rabbit silhouetted against the intense shimmering green of the field, was standing rigid on its hind legs with front paws tucked into its chest. Somehow it looked reminiscent of a soldier on guard duty scanning the horizon for impending danger. Struck with the rabbits majesty and almost regal pose, my emotions in an instant turned to horror as I realised my nine month old Labrador, Willow, was off the leash!

Within a split second I lurched forward to catch Willow. Willow, full of youthful vim and vigour had the measure of me. She took off with an alacrity which reminded me of watching firecrackers exploding on a street in China during Chinese New Year. The rabbit, not sure of Willow’s intentions, planned not to remain in place to find out. Rabbit and dog tore off at breakneck speed across the field. Unusually, not even the promise of a tasty snack was enough to tempt and lure Willow back to my side.

Much to Willow’s disappointment and surprise she had no chance. The rabbit had the benefit of one hundred metres advantage and the acceleration and nimbleness afoot of an Olympic sprinter. By the time Willow reached the spot where the rabbit once stood surveying the land for threats, the rabbit had disappeared into Yorkshire’s finest undergrowth. In the rabbits place gasped Willow, huffing and puffing with a look of indignation cast upon her face no doubt wondering what happened to her prized target.

Once home and back in the warmth, the kettle boiled and a piping hot cup of delightful Yorkshire tea was promptly served. Willow, full of the joys of Spring air curled up into a ball and drifted off into a deep and blissful sleep, interrupted only by the occasional flapping of her cheeks as she majestically snored away. As I sat reminiscing about the rabbit and relieved that it was never in harm’s way, I considered what might have been had the rabbit not seen us first. What if by some cruel twist of fate, the rabbit had not made it home? Fortunately for all concerned this eventuality never came to pass but it did reinforce upon me the fragility of life and how it seems to change often when least expected.

As a husband, father and business owner I seek to provide a warm, stable and loving home for my family. But if by some cruel twist of fate I passed away, as happened unexpectedly to my father at the mere age of thirty eight, what would the future look like for my family? Would they have to endure the emotional rollercoaster I was exposed to and would their lives be further turned upside down by the prospect of selling our home to repay a business loan which I might have secured with a Director’s Personal Guarantee?

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Some of you reading this may think that the cost associated with a Business Loan Protection policy outweighs the benefits. But what cost do we place on our family’s stability? As someone who experienced loss at an early stage in life I can say with absolute conviction that the experience was horrendous. Fortunately for me, my father had life insurance which enabled us to retain our home. In different circumstances, the thought of his loss exasperated by the added pain of forfeiting our home is a thought I would rather not contemplate.

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